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       Lose weight in just 15 minutes a day!

Fab In 15 Minutes

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           Lose weight in just 15 minutes a day!

5 Things you “know” about fat loss (...or do you?)

Myth No.1 – Long (and boring) cardio is the best way to burn fat

You’ve heard this so many times before – that running or spin classes are the best way to burn fat; but anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about can tell you that long cardio sessions increase cortisol levels (a hormone) and your body starts to burn muscle rather than fat (it’ll actually start holding on to fat at this point!).

Interval training and weight training are actually the best ways to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

So no long cardio sessions!


Myth No.2 – Exercising in the morning before breakfast burns more calories

RUBBISH! In the morning your body is craving nutrition after a long night of fasting (break the fast!). Exercising when your body is depleted of nutrients and probably dehydrated is dangerous for one, but also how hard will you/your muscles be able to work without fuel?

Exercising in the morning IS a good idea – purely because you won’t have all day to think of “reasons” (excuses) not to do your workout. But it should NEVER be on an empty stomach.

There is actually no evidence to prove that exercising in the morning burns more calories, and with health in mind, don’t do it on an empty stomach!


Myth No.3 – Following a programme that works the area’s you want to lose fat from will actually work

This is a HUGE one that many people just can’t seem to get their heads around! Contrary to popular belief, you can’t get a flat stomach by doing hundreds of sit-ups every day.

Weight loss works on a microscopic level. Your muscles burn calories for fuel so the more muscles you work, and the harder you work them, the more calories you will burn. And because it works on a microscopic level, the fat you’re burning will be being broken down across your entire body, regardless of what muscle you’re working at the time.


Myth No.4 – High reps with small weights will burn more fat and “tone”

Another big one that people struggle with (probably because it’s been drilled into us by magazines and word of mouth for so long).

As I said above, it’s the muscles that burn the calories – so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn.

You need to work your muscles as hard as you can for them to grow bigger and stronger - and this won’t make you “bulky” unless you’re following a strict, intense bodybuilding plan and eating like a horse! EVERYONE should be aiming to build muscle.


Myth No.5 – You can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time

Put simply, YES YOU CAN!  Muscle doesn’t turn to fat, and fat doesn’t turn to muscle. All the while you’re working your muscles to strengthen and build them, you’re burning calories, which are coming (if you use the workouts in this book) from fat stores.

You will be gaining muscle and burning fat the whole time.

If you want to right the wrongs you’ve done in the past and finally start to see some results then I strongly urge you to consider Fab In 15 Minutes.

Fab In 15 Minutes will give you twenty 15-minute workout routines specifically designed to burn calories, whilst improving your cardio and fitness levels.

They can all be done in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t need ANY equipment for some of them, and a few inexpensive bits of kit for the rest (dumbbells, Swiss ball, a Kettlebell if you’ve used them before).

Who has time to drive to the gym, have a workout for an hour+, and then drive home again?!

That’s nearly 2 hours out of your busy day by the time you’re done and back to daily life!

These workouts have been designed to be as efficient as is possible. You can do the workouts from start to finish in 15 minutes flat and you’re already back at home!

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Fab In 15 Minutes

I know you’ve all seen the adverts for programmes claiming you can lose weight in just 5 minutes a day (or less), but realistically, do you know of anyone who has managed to lose weight like this?

As a trainer, I know the science behind weight loss, and increasing your activity by just 5 minutes per day will have very little, if any, effect on your body shape and weight – at least not without a strict diet alongside it, and even then, without proper exercise to work and tone your muscles this will be doomed to failure and rapid weight re-gain once you’ve finished the diet (sound familiar?).


Achieve the body you deserve

I have however come up with a way of achieving weight loss with just 15 minutes exercise per day. And if you can commit to a healthy diet to compliment this, then you will be well on your way to seeing the body you deserve.

You see, although 5 minutes will do little more than warm you up, a 15 minute workout, designed specifically to give you maximum effect for calorie burning and improved levels of fitness, will serve to not only get you fitter and stronger, but will also increase your metabolic rate for the next 24 hours or so. Meaning you will be burning more calories for the rest of the day, even when you’ve finished exercising.

This is done by combining resistance work with cardiovascular work.


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What does this mean for you?

It means NO long, boring cardio sessions.

NO 2-hour gym sessions.

NO gyms! (If that’s what you prefer)

It DOES however mean 15 minutes of HARD work, every day. But that’s not much of a sacrifice if you’re serious about making some changes is it?


Fab in 15 Minutes is simply a collection of 15-minute exercise routines designed to deliver maximum fat burning in minimum time. There’s no long reading to do beforehand, no fluff, no science to try to get your head round (leave that bit to me), just 20 workouts that you can do at home, with minimal equipment and in just 15 minutes to see real weight loss.

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Is this programme for me?


In short, yes. This programme is suitable for anyone of any fitness level (providing you are free of injuries and your physician has cleared you to exercise).

If you consider yourself to be “out of shape”, you can work to your own level. As long as you are putting in the maximum effort that you can, then you will see results.

Likewise, if you consider yourself to be in top condition and wish to use this programme to get a quick, intense workout for fitness, strength, toning or endurance, you too can simply work as hard as you can.

Trust me, I have tried all of these workouts out myself, and tried them with some of my clients of varying fitness levels – we all found them to be a challenging workout.

The beauty with these workouts is that you can make them harder by simply pushing yourself harder - making them suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.

You get out what you put in.



Will I be able to do all of the exercises?

For the most part, yes. All of the exercises used in these workouts will have pictures and descriptions showing you exactly how to perform the exercise.

There are some exercises, such as the Kettlebell exercises, that unless you have experience in using them, you will not be able to do. But 95% of the book is designed for anyone from complete beginners to advanced/experienced exercisers.


What will I need?

A large portion of the book uses bodyweight exercises, for which, obviously, you won’t need any additional equipment.

I have however written workouts using a range of affordable equipment such as (light) dumbbells, medicine balls, Swiss balls, Kettlebells and resistance bands. All of which can be picked up relatively cheaply from a number of shops.

I have included these various pieces of equipment to give you some experience in training with different methods, but also to increase the number of exercises available to you, keeping the workouts different and interesting.


Is there nutrition advice included in the book?

No. I have kept this book to just the workouts.

Although many people may choose to follow a diet alongside the exercise programme, which I highly recommend, I have kept the book to exactly what people ask for – quick, fat-burning workouts.

Fab in 15 Minutes focuses purely on the exercise side of things that you can get started on right away.


To get your hands on a copy of Fab in 15 Minutes for just 14.99 click on the link below and you could have it in a matter of minutes as an instant download in .pdf format.

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